Pricemandu! Best deals and discounts in Nepal

What is Pricemandu?

Pricemandu is a service that aims to foster competitive e-commerce industry in Nepal. Nepal has seen a significant growth of e-commerce portals in recent years however many people are still unaware of this growth. While there are many online shopping services, lack of awareness or motivation to search for alternatives form the users has made it difficult for new e-commerce service providers. Even though new providers may have attractive prices and wide variety of offers, they often go unnoticed.

Our aim is to drive healthy and competitive e-commerce industry in Nepal. We strongly believe Pricemandu will benefit both the end users and service providers.

For users

Pricemandu's goal is to provide a platform for end-users to discover products and services from all e-commerce portals. Users can effortlessly search for the products they want and compare the prices offered by each vendor. Users will save a lot of hassle of searching through many websites and keep track of prices across several vendors. This can be very time consuming as well as overwhelming. Besides, a user might not know about all online shopping sites and might miss out an attractive offer.

For vendors/service providers

Pricemandu provides a centralized collection of products from various e-commerce portals in Nepal. Vendors offering their products in different online shopping sites, or running their own e-commerce portals can get tremendous knowledge about market. This helps in devising their marketing and pricing strategies by observing their competitors. Furthermore, it discourages vendors from setting unfair prices that could hurt the industry. E-commerce is just gaining traction in Nepal and users should feel welcomed, they should be able to trust that they will be charged fairly and will have no problems down the road. Setting exuberant prices or making false promises will only cause the users to lose their trust in e-commerce industry. We believe a transparent system that Pricemandu provides will help mitigate this problem.

For new service providers and vendors, this also means instant visibility of their offers for a large user base in today's highly competitive e-commerce sector.

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